Protecting marine turtles and their habitat

Dead or injured turtles

Unfortunately many turtles die or are injured because of encounters with fishing nets, marine traffic and marine debris.   It is important that deaths and injuries are dealt with appropriately as information about these turtles can help in focusing conservation and protection measures more effectively.   If you are unlucky enough to find a dead or injured turtle please report it as soon as possible.

If the turtle is on or near one of our beaches in the Western Sovereign Base Area (Curium to Paramali) or on or near one of the beaches in the Eastern Sovereign Base Area (Dhekelia)  please call the SBA police. 

25 967227

If the turtle is found in the Republic of Cyprus please contact the Cyprus Fisheries Department.

101 Vithleem Street
1416 Nicosia
Tel no: 22807868
Fax no: 22775955
E- mail: