Protecting marine turtles and their habitat

Our beaches


The beaches we cover are all in the British Sovereign Base Area to the west of Limassol. From east to west they are:

  • Curium beach
  • Tunnel beach
  • Lemmings beach
  • Long or Paramali beach

Curium beach is the busiest of our beaches, being one of the most popular tourist beaches in the Limassol area. Nevertheless, turtles do nest on the beach, and in some years it has been among our most successful beaches. Curium beach is off the old coast road between Episkopi village and Episkopi garrison. It is well signposted from the coast road. Turtles nest on the sandy part of the beach, from where the road approaches the beach to the cliffs at the western end.  Curium beach is the shortest of our beaches, and the easiest to walk. However, it is essential to get there very early in the morning, as the café owners often rake the beach in the mornings, obliterating any tracks.

Tunnel beach is in Happy Valley, the British forces’ recreation and sports ground. Happy Valley is west of Episkopi garrison on the old coast road, travelling towards Paramali. You will see the sports pitches as you approach. Shortly after entering Happy Valley you will see a road to the left. Drive down it, through a narrow tunnel, and you will come to Tunnel beach. Turtles nest along the whole 2.5 km length of the beach between the cliffs at each end.

Lemmings beach is also in Happy Valley. After entering Happy Valley do not turn left, but drive straight down the road. You will pass the stables on your right and then you will come to the beach. Lemmings beach is roughly 1 km from end to end.

Long or Paramali beach is in the village of Paramali, west of Happy Valley. The coast road climbs away from Happy Valley and then descends to the village of Paramali. Just as you are entering the built up area there is a small church on the right of the road and opposite it a road down to the beach, with an electricity pole in the middle of the junction. Follow the road (which is quite winding) to the barriers near a small headland. The small beach on the eastern side of the headland is known to some people as Officers’ beach. The rest of the beach is Long beach proper. Turtles nest on both. The overall length of the beach including Officers’ beach is just over 1.5 km. It is also possible to access Long beach at the western end, by turning off the coast road at Paramali station and following the road down to the left.